Solar Electric Systems

Solar electric systems are a popular choice among renewable energy options due to the relatively low maintenance requirements and the long lifetime of many of the system components. Because there are no moving parts, and thus little chance of mechanical failure, most solar electric systems will continue to produce power for 30 years or more! Although some smaller solar electric systems can be relatively straightforward to install, many people choose to hire installers. Regardless of whether you plan to install an cabin system yourself or have a contractor install a system, you will benefit from understanding and properly maintaining each component in your system.

Expertise for Solar PV Components

Pre-Combiner Box

Array Junction Box W & W/O String Monitoring

Fuse Box W & W/O String Monitoring

AC Combiner Box

ACDB with Metering

ATS Panels

Combiner boxes are available in 2 options

String Level Protection Box

Array Combiner Box

Features of Solar Combiner Box

  • Rated for 1000V & 1500V
  • IP65/66 Thermo PLastic Enclosures
  • PV Fuse for Overcurrent Protection
  • SPD for Surge Protections
  • PV Switches to Isolate


Annual Maintainance Contracts

Commissioning Services

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Any Make of Invertors