AI based Computer Vision Inspection for Quality Management

In association with LinCode AI, MAC Machine Tools and Automation brings to you AI based Computer Vision Solution for Quality Inspection of Surface Defects on Products. With applications across Steel, Plastic & Fabric Industries, our solution ensures Higher Efficiency & Accuracy in Quality Inspection leading to lesser rejection rates.

Products for identification, text, dimensions, colors, and defects


Data in real time with microscopic precision at full conveyer speeds


Defects, Predict Machine Downtime, Improve Yield and Traceability

View Quality Inspection through our Dynamic & Intercative Dashboards

Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution

In association with Infinite Uptime, MAC Machine Tools and Automation brings to you Industrial IoT Predictive Maintenance and Real Time Condition Monitoring of Motors, Pumps, Gearboxes & Blowers
Vertically Integrated with Connectivity, Communication, Software Analytics, Dashboarding and Reporting you can analyze High-Frequency Data Analytics, such as Triaxial Vibration, Acoustic analyses, Spectral analyses and configurable Edge diagnostics.

Installs on any machine within seconds through a Magnetic Connection

Immediate Feedback through Visual fault-detecting indicators.

Monitor remotely and wirelessly, to mirror notifications and record data.

View Asset Performance through our Dynamic & Intercative Dashboards

Social Distancing, Contact Tracing & Traceability Solutions

In association with Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd & Flamenco Tech Pvt Ltd, MAC Machine Tools and Automation brings to you Social Distancing, Contact Tracing and Traceability Solutions.
Ensure Social Distancing in the easiest way possible through our wearable Smart Tags that trigger an alarm when distancing is breached.

A simple Tag can ensure the safety of your employees and boost their confidence to return to work!

Understand the Solution in just 3 minutes through this video

Apart from Social Distancing, our Smart Tags have numerous other use cases

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