• Exchange Services
  • Training
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Online & Phone Support
  • Extended Parts and Labor Warranty

Exchange Services

  • With our Advance Exchange service, you can obtain a replacement part within 24 hours
  • Over 15,000 catalog items backed by Comprehensive Service Inventory in Bengaluru & Delhi
  • A global network of service parts HUBs
  • Emergency service available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year
  • Next-day delivery & After hours availability


You can get ahead when, where and how it’s most beneficial for you by taking advantage of our extensive portfolio of training courses and delivery methods. Our factory-trained instructors and award-winning material help you improve job performance and the performance of your automation assets.

Spare Parts Management

  • A Parts Management Agreement provides quick access to the AB spare parts you need, while reducing your operating costs to maintain and manage your spare parts inventory
  • Through a Parts Management Agreement, Mac in partnership to Rockwell Automation owns and manages your spare parts inventory for a fixed monthly or quarterly cost. These agreements are backed by remanufacturing and renewal parts services to replenish any inventory used
  • A Parts Management Agreement will provide you numerous benefits, including improved asset control (by avoiding unnecessary inventory build-up) and cash management (by eliminating large capital expenditures for spare parts, providing a fixed agreement payment schedule, and minimizing carrying costs)

Online & Phone Support

With TechConnectSM Support, your site has unlimited, real-time access to Rockwell Automation’s global network of Customer Support Centers and technical resources. Whether you need help installing, configuring and maintaining equipment and software, obtaining software updates, diagnosing and fixing operating problems, or performing basic programming tasks, we deliver the tools and answers you need to get and keep your operation up and running.

Benefits include:

  • Simplify technical support management: one agreement per site or enterprise (multiple sites), coverage based on product families (not individual products), easily change coverage during agreement term
  • Reduce downtime, improve productivity, and reduce time to market by obtaining the technical information you need when you need it

Extended Parts and Labor Warranty

With an Extended Parts and Labor Warranty, you won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or equipment failure. Our extended warranty includes all replacement parts, local repair labor and local travel for up to five additional years on select Rockwell Automation control equipment and drives.


  • Reduce liability for equipment malfunction or failure.
  • Reduce overall maintenance expenses.
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • Obtain replacement parts quickly and easily without the need for separate purchase orders or administrative burden.
  • Fully protect your biggest investment — your operations.


  • Unlimited troubleshooting and repair services by factory trained technicians (8am – 5pm in your time zone, Monday – Friday*).
  • No additional charges for local travel or replacement parts.
  • Procurement and installation of new Rockwell Automation replacement parts.