Electrical Solutions

Amplify your processes today !


We offer Enclosures from Pentair Hoffman that are designed to be used in commercial and general industrial applications. These enclosures -

  • Cut installation time by up to 80%
  • Offer cleaner and more flexible installations
  • Have smart, cost effective designs

UPS, Load Break Switches and Power Meters

MAC’s UPS range from Socomec combines unbeatable energy efficiency with unity power factor to give you the ultimate critical power solution for data centre availability. It protects your business ensuring total load protection and let your IT infrastructure grows without affecting availability and with no risk of downtime.


Cables & Wires

MAC brings to you Cables and Wires from Lapp India that has specialized producing innovative cables, industrial connectors, accessories, and engineered solutions as a worldwide market leader.

Harmonic Filters

MAC brings to you MTE filters which offers an array of harmonic mitigation solutions, including the best THID reduction solution on the market with patented Adaptive Passive Technology, to increase productivity and system efficiency.



We bring to you Drives from Rockwell Automation that offers a broad range of control modes, features, options, and packaging, as well as global voltages and many power ratings. With a consistent programming structure and common operator interface, these drives ease programming and configuration, and they reduce set-up time, training, and operation


DySC® Voltage Sag Protectors protect against voltage sags and momentary outages that account for a significant amount of manufacturing downtime and damaged equipment. These DySC protectors do not require batteries, they have no moving parts, and they require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for manufacturing processes and sensitive electronics that require sag ride-through protection up to five seconds.



MAC offers an exhaustive range of motors from Stark which manufactures electric motors including FHP motors, single phase motors, NEMA standard motors, Vibrator motors, motors suitable for Variable Frequency Drives (inverter application) etc

Industrial Components

Allen-Bradley® Industrial Control Products deliver proven and predictable performance over the full life of the product. We offer reliable solutions to maximize the efficiency and performance of your machine or factory. Our portfolio of industrial control products ranges from pre-packaged hardware to customizable panels suited for a wide range of industries. Each of these solutions helps you speed time-to-market and lower the total cost to design, develop, and deliver your machine.