Mersen designs and distributes solutions for electrical protection, current quality enhancement and the safety of electrical equipment and installations. Mersen serves 5 main markets: Energy, Electronics, Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Process Industries.
Mersen provides Industrial fuses and fuse-holders switches cutting off very high-power supplies, cooling devices to boost the performance of power semiconductors, busbars, fault indicators for medium-voltage distribution lines, third-rail current collections for mass-transit systems).


Mersen markets solutions that are used in power generation and distribution systems: Solar energy: Mersen provides manufacturers of silicon (principal component of photovoltaic cells) with ultra-pure graphite equipment. It also provides silicon ingot manufacturers with sophisticated equipment for high-temperature fusing kilns. Wind energy: Mersen provides the sector with original-equipment and replacement signal transmission systems, brushes and brushholders, fuses and cooling devices. Conventional energies: approved by the principal turbogenerator manufacturers, the Group’s systems and components are used in thermal power plants.


Mersen provides electrical protection (cooling devices, fuses and contactors) and current transmission equipment (third-rail shoes, pantograph strips, brushes for motors, etc.) for rail infrastructure (trams, subways and train) and rolling stock. Mersen is also present in the aerospace industry for which it designs composite material components and electrical command systems.


Mersen is active in the early stages in the production of semiconductors through the preparation of the ultra-pure graphite required for their manufacture. Mersen’s solutions for power electronics include industrial fuses and cooling devices.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

The Group designs customized graphite and reactive metal equipment that can withstand high temperatures and corrosive fluids, such as reactors and heat exchangers.

Process Industries

Mersen manufactures brushes, industrial fuses, contactors and graphite components for production lines.