We work closely with our customers to design protection systems such as enclosures and cooling for critical electrical and electronic components and equipment. From preventing shock hazards to safeguarding valuable industrial-automation assets, Pentair offers solutions to meet your needs.


Pentair’s products protect sensitive controls and components from damaging dust, oil, and corrosive air and keep them from overheating to maximize uptime and extend their life. Pentair helps your mission-critical equipment meet regulatory requirements and perform effectively in virtually any environment.

Stainless Steel

Isolating critical controls from harsh environments is a job no one performs better than Hoffman. Our revolutionary enclosure solutions ensure reliable performance in a range of extreme conditions.

Mild Steel

When the world thinks of industrial enclosures, it thinks of Hoffman. It’s a reputation for excellence, quality, and attention to detail, that makes Hoffman the preferred industrial enclosure solutions provider.

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