Automation solutions and products offered by MAC increases the availability and efficiency of your machines and systems in numerous industries. Partnering with Rockwell Automation and other esteemed partners like Prosoft, HMS-Anybus, Ewon, etc, with an unmatched range of reliable automation solutions including sensors, industrial cordsets, distributed I/O products and RFID MAC is ready to tackle whatever automation challenges you are facing.

Achieve Manufacturing Efficiency

Solving key manufacturing challenges like :
lower costs, improved throughput, higher quality and increased flexibility, is no more a worry as we offer highly integrated control solutions that enable your control systems to tackle challenges.

Logix Platforms

Our control solutions and Logix platforms provide a single control architecture for discrete, drives, motion and process control systems. Whether you need a high-performance control system or a small value-based control system, Logix platforms provide the right control system for your applications.


Real Time Data Exchange

We understand that your automation system needs to provide the right information at the right time on an operator interface that best suits the demand of your application. Our Rockwell Software enables real-time information exchange between manufacturing operations and the rest of your enterprise.